A Proposed Objective for Tea Party: Summary

Updated May 14, 2009:

When I first wrote this point, I was still exploring the idea of Constitutional amendments. I have learned since, that contrary to what I was hoping, the only avenues available to amend the Constitution prevent implementing the idea of amendments in the current environment.

There has never been amendment by Constitutional Convention. This, as is turns out, is a very dangerous process. The Convention cannot be convened for a defined or specific purpose. In other words, the entire Constitution would be opened to amendment.

At some point in the very near future, I will lay out here the specifics of the process and what they would mean for a real movement towards amending the Constitution.

The important issues which I have noted and Friedman’s suggested cure have not changed. The question is; how can the necessary changes be implemented? That is what I am currently pondering.

Originally posted April 21, 2009

This post is a summary of the full explanation. Click here to read the full text.

A general consensus seems to have developed concerning the next date for Tea Party events: July 4.


I am not alone in my thinking that the greatest show of force to date may be obtained by encouraging as many people as possible to rally at their State Capitols on July 4.

Understandably, many localities still wish to convene their own event.  In order to carry out the notion of gather as many people at the State Capitols as possible, perhaps the best possible concept would be to encourage those locations outside of the State Capitols to conduct their Tea Party either before or after the statewide event.  Fireworks, anyone?


“Independence Day Tea Party”

Re-Declaring Our Independence
Imagine the visual impact of nationwide reenactments of the reading of the original Declaration of Independence, followed by a proclamation, a “New Declaration of Independence”.

The way to re-declare independence may be to roll-out a set of Constitutional amendments, which encapsulates a number of those already circulating in addition to ideas expounded upon by the economist Milton Friedman, perhaps entitled, a “Second Bill of Rights”.

In the book, Free to Choose, Friedman walked through the logic of the necessity of a number of amendments in a way that is difficult to refute.

Here is a summary of a suggested list of amendments that is meant to serve as a launching pad for discussion. The discussion that should be taking place in every household, every county, and in every state across this country is, how are we to correct our many problems; which among the available options provides the best path for lasting reversal of the trend that has developed?

A Second Bill of Rights?

1. Abolish the Federal Reserve, prevent the future creation of a central banking system, prevent the Federal government from adopting any other currency, requirements that would end inflation

2. Strengthening the Tenth Amendment; acknowledging the sovereignty of the States

3. Implementing term limits and ending special privileges for members of the United States Congress

4. Limiting the amount of taxes government can collect, based on a percentage of national income

5. Limiting income taxation, repealing a progressive system, and requiring all citizens to pay taxes

6. Limiting the amount of money, as a percentage of national income, that government can spend each year, prohibiting Cap & Trade

7. Freedom to work, buy goods and services, and preventing Real ID implementation

8. Limiting the power of Congress to restrict and tax trade

9. Establishing a system for removal of judges, preventing citation of foreign laws, public opinion in decisions, implementing Constitutional requirement

10. Acknowledging parental rights, prohibiting the implementation of any infringing treaty

Recognizing this is a very bold concept, it is also important to note that it will not be possible to undertake such an endeavor in the present environment. I address the problems existent presently in the “movement” in a separate post. You can read the summary version here, or the full text version here.

3 thoughts on “A Proposed Objective for Tea Party: Summary”

  1. It really bothered me that coverage of the Tax Day tea Parties centered around taxation complaints and GOP frustration over the loss in the priior election. This movement means so much more than that. I believe that this article sums it up perfectly, the need for more self determination and responsibility in society I believe is the basis for our movement. The next round of tea parties are scheduled for July 4th around the country. http://www.reteaparty.com is a great resource to use in order to find or organize a tea party in your local area. It is a great tool because it allows you to organize your own tea party however you see fit, and it provides a great place to expand the visibility of your cause. Check it out! http://www.reteaparty.com

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