Apparently, It's Not America Anymore…in America


What is the definition of Fascism?

From the point of view of a Virginian with a protest sign and a camera, he personally witnessed it.

Apparently, his sign containing a parody image of President Obama offended a police officer stationed outside the grounds of a school. The sign-bearer was attempting to attend the townhall on health care reform organized by Democratic Congressman Jim Moranl.

I tend to agree with the fellow with the camera…looks like fascism to me, too.

7 thoughts on “Apparently, It's Not America Anymore…in America”

  1. Sadly, this is a case of facism. However, we cannot blame one man, there is a chain of events we have ignored for too long. Ever since Ronald (Julius Caesar) Reagan worked a deal with Iran prior to being elected through CIA and NSA employees to sell them missile technology and weapons to “Protect” themselves fromt he former Soviets, we have been on a slippery slope. He managed to get away with treason , and so did Ollie North by being his point man. From that point onward our liberty and rights have been chewed at the edges toward the center. Moving forward, each succeeding president took a little more and then twisted it some more, like the murder made to look like a suicide of Mr. Foster by Slick Willy’s people. Then the the total destruction of our Bill of Rights and Constitution by GW and his puppet master Chaney, which has enabled them and their cabinet to get away with declaring war on not one, but two nations under false pretext and collusion to demolish the Trade Twowers because it would have cost the owners 3 times it value to clean up the asbestos and other toxic materials it contained and lawsuits that would have followed to take this nation toward facism. Pointing the finger toward one man is silly to say the least and our elected leaders aren’t 100% to blame either, since we supported them. We are at fault in turning this nation from a fredom loving nation to a 2nd rate dictatorship similar to what happened to Rome with Julius Caesar and his adopted son Octavian (Augustus) taking the reigns of power to protect family values and religion. The simularities are too great to be ignored. Sadly we don’t teach this history anymore because we are too close to seeing the same thing in our nation, and we are to be kept in the dark about it until it’s too late.

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