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RJHofficialavatarWe hope to be joined by RJ Harris a constitutional liberty candidate in Oklahoma CD04 going after RINO Tom Cole in 2010. He will update us on his race and the Sooner Tea Party rally this week protesting Obamacare.  Join us for updates on our recent alerts that were sent out via email also. We’ll review the status of Sotomayor’s confirmation, Cap and Trade, Socialized Medicine, and the Pass Act.


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Finally, we hope that Liberty Rider, Michael Maresco will have a minute to give us an update on his whereabouts and his plans.

He is there at the destination near the gateway to Alcatraz!


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Excellent Video From Houston Tea Party: Protesting Nancy Pelosi

An excellent video done by Bryan Thome of Houston.

On Friday, June 12, the Houston Tea Party Society organized a protest of the Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit. The video includes interviews with attendees who articulate, very well, the general nonsense that is going on and in which Mrs. Pelosi is often front and center.