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CNBC Reporter Says It Like It Is From Chicago Trading Floor

To quote an Obama supporter last week in Florida, “Good Gracious God!”

There is intelligent life on this planet, in America, intelligent life standing in front of a TV camera, and saints preserve us, on CNBC.

It’s a big, red headline on Drudge:

Drudge Report Front Page as of 11:45AM EST
Drudge Report Front Page as of 11:45AM EST

It’ll be interesting to see how long THAT headline stays just like that on Drudge’s front page. The screenshot of the CNBC video, below, is the video in progress. There’s an :11 commercial that runs prior to the video itself playing. See if you notice the irony in the advertised upcoming special listed to the right of the video box, whatever the commercial, and the video itself. I’ve run it a few times and it’s laughable, the incongruity of what Rick Santelli is saying versus whatever commercial. Just one of them was “American Greed”.

The video below is a screenshot. CNBC disables embedding. Just click on the picture to go watch it….it’s a GREAT time: