Excellent Discussions About the Federal Reserve on July 8 Freedom Watch

Judge Napalitano

Freedom Watch

I learned yesterday that one of my state’s Senators, Ben Nelson, was the “designated hitter” for the Majority to obstruct an amendment introduced to audit the Federal Reserve by Sen. Jim DeMint (SC).

The obstruction was based on an extremely flimsy technicality. The Judge discusses this event and the Fed in general on his July 8 edition of FoxNews.com’s Freedom Watch with guests Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Jim DeMint, Peter Schiff, and Thomas Woods.

*Note that the hour long show is divided into segements on these YouTube videos. If the video doesn’t move to the next section, click HERE to go directly to the Freedom Watch site post for July 8 to view the next segment.

One thought on “Excellent Discussions About the Federal Reserve on July 8 Freedom Watch”

  1. Partial transcript Freedom Watch Show # 22

    Senator James DeMint: “…we know they’re doing things we’re worried about.

    Judge Napolitano: “What do you think that the Fed is worried about? What are they worried that we will find out if and when we get to audit them?

    Senator James DeMint: “Well, they’re trying to protect a precedent that keeps some supposed independence between them and the federal government, and this audit, they are considering an invasion of that.

    Senator DeMind chose not to answer the question of Judge Napolitano. I thought his launching in to a discussion of the supposed independence of the Fed from the federal government somewhat off point.

    I hope in the future Judge N. can get a real answer to his question. What specifically are the kinds of things the Fed would really really not like us to know about?

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