Grassroots In Nebraska

I founded a group in March of 2009 following my involvement in organizing the first wave of Tea Parties that occurred on February 27, 2009. In those very first days of what has since become a movement, the necessity for focus on state and local government driven by the grassroots, became very clear.

I chose the name Grassroots in Nebraska (GiN) to emphasize those priorities. GiN’s roots will always be as a Tea Party group; our first events were Tea Parties held in front of Senator Ben Nelson’s Lincoln office and at the State Capitol. The most active members determined early that it will take much more than Tea Party rallies to impact the direction of government and we’ve been focusing on sharpening our focus, goals, and efforts ever since.

In February 2010, we organized testimony and worked with other Nebraska groups to generate a large turn out at the Legislative Committee hearing for the Nebraska Sovereignty Resolution. By working with those other groups and maintaining contact with Nebraskans interested in strengthening Sovereignty, a sustained effort of contact with legislators occurred and the Resolution passed at the end of the 2010 session.

GiN’s projects in 2011 will include deployment of the Nebraska Liberty Watchmen project and the organization of the multi-state coalition-based Sovereignty Project along with continued efforts to inform and motivate to action the people of Nebraska interested in restoring Constitutional, limited government.

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