On R3: Danger Will Robinson! Flu Vaccinations

Flu VaccineCheck out this post on annual flu shots. To vaccinate or not vaccinate, that is the question.

As someone who has actually experienced the “real flu”, the influenza virus, and its long term effects – I was very ill for months – I well understand the desire to prevent this illness. And I was a healthy adult at that point, not someone with a compromised immune system, an infant, or elderly.

I have begun to wonder in the last few years whether all of our interventionist efforts in some areas of medicine – ironically like our politics – is necessarily a good thing.

Can we fight EVERYTHING? Can we avoid every illness?

There are many “sayings” from my childhood that I no longer hear. One is “you can’t fight mother nature”. Can we?

I know when we are interventionist in our government affairs, it almost without fail causes more harm.

I don’t know what to say / think about flu and other vaccinations.

This article on the R3publican site reports problems with this year’s seasonal vaccination.

Click to read the full article
Click to read the full article

It should be noted that there is a huge push on to vaccinate for the swine flu. And this is not the first time H1N1 or a close relative, has presented itself in America,  nor the first time vaccinations have been pushed.  In 1976 there was an outbreak of H1N1 and a mutant H3N2. The government backed vaccination effort resulted in a rash of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) cases.

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