Senate Committee for Cap & Trade HR 2454 / 2998 is the EPW Committee on Evironment and Public Works

The Senate Committee that is handling Cap & Trade is the Committee on Environment and Public Works. The Chairman (sorry, no PC here) is Barbara Boxer (CA), ranking Republican James Inhofe (OK).

I will admit I had no idea what kind of structure these Congressional committees had until dealing with recent pieces of legislation. Why I am surprised that these committees have rather complex structures?

There are websites for each, I’m told, along with staffers for the majority, minority, and another that is non-partisan.

Not all committees are structured exactly the same or follow the same patterns in the way they move through a bill, but the EPW has a fairly standard procedure that is generally followed.

The Majority section of the website for this committee does have quite a bit of information on it, including press releases and links to Sen. Inhofe’s YouTube Channel, which itself includes clips from Committee hearings, statements made by Sen. Inhofe, and relevant media appearances.

I haven’t had the opportunity as of yet to check out the Minority section of the site.

Click on the image to go to the EPW site
Click on the image to go to the EPW site

On the Majority side, there are a couple of sections that appear to be completely out of date, which is unfortunate, and hopefully with the obvious increased interest in this committee at this stage, some updates will occur on these sections.

On the positive side, Inhofe’s staff appears to issue press releases frequently; there were four releases on July 7 alone, one of which I was told, was issued during an EPW committee hearing. This is clearly one way to get nearly “up to the minute” information on the HR 2454 bill.

List of all EPW Committee Members, including links to each of their websites

If you are interested in the status of the bill, click HERE

Senate Majority Committee Members
Barbara Boxer (Chairman)
Max Baucus
Thomas R. Carper
Frank R. Lautenberg
Benjamin L. Cardin
Bernard Sanders
Amy Klobuchar
Sheldon Whitehouse
Tom Udall
Jeff Merkley
Kirsten Gillibrand
Arlen Specter

Senate Minority Committee Members
James M. Inhofe
George V. Voinovich
David Vitter
John Barrasso
Mike Crapo
Christopher S. Bond
Lamar Alexander

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