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A Perfect Union: Carbon Credits and Government Land

This article appeared in the print version of the  Lincoln Journal Star earlier this week. The headline caught my eye because I knew what “wind, carbon” meant. That means carbon credits.

I think a lot of people may be missing what is really behind the big push to buy into the whole global warming / climate change / whatever we’re calling it this week “crisis”.

As usual….follow the money!


When we see or if we see going forward, companies jumping onboard the whole global climate crisis, it’s because there is money to be made in the whole scheme.

The truth is, the Cap & Trade system being pushed by the likes of former Vice President Al Gore is just another financial trading market from which Gore hinself stands to make a lot of money.  Besides Gore, companies, at least those that don’t “produce a lot of carbon” stand to make tidy sums off of carbon credits they will be able to sell.

What is so absurd about the story above is that it’s an excellent symbol of just how far off of the reservation we’ve gone. Why is a State the largest holder of lands anywhere within the borders of the United States?

Wherever government owns or controls a market, it crowds out the private sector. There are 1.3 million acres of land in the state of Nebraska owned by the government, controlled by the government, which could be productive and profitable. Instead, the “CEO” running all of these state lands gets to salivate at the money-making opportunities.

We’ve moved way past absurd into surreal.

We’ve apparently learned absolutely nothing from creating financial products based on nothing of actual value. We’ve had .dot coms burst, mortgages meltdown, both of which were the idea of wealth and value rather than a commodity or item.

Proponents of a Cap & Trade system want to literally create a trading market based on the value of air, literally. We get dumber and dumber, not smarter and smarter.

And the dumbest of them all is the earth worshipper who is today’s useful idiot for the likes of Al Gore and the rest who covet the idea of Cap & Trade to maket themselves a fortune and / or to control people through regulation.