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*ACTION ALERT* Lincoln Education Association to Hold Pro-Health Care Reform Rally TONIGHT

A member of Grassroots in Nebraska became aware that the Lincoln Education Association is holding a pro-Health Care Reform rally at the State Capitol tonight from 6pm – 7pm.

When once examines the LEA’s position on the issue, it is clear that they are fully in support of a public option. The group does express concern about certain caps for tax exempt insurance premium contributions that have been one option mentioned as a way to pay for bill.

Teachers’ salaries and benefits, including health insurance coverage, are all paid through tax dollars. LEA is advocating for the implementation of policy on the very people who pay their salaries; the taxpayers, yet their insurance coverage will not be affected should any of the currently proposed bills become law.

LEA has a page on its site, also available in printable PDF form, which is NEA talking points (their words, not mine). The points noted are the typical rhetoric, which includes misleading and inaccurate statements.

Teachers should focus on teaching, not on pushing a political agenda.

All Nebraskans who are concerned about the massive expansion of government into our lives through the passage of any of the proposed health care plans are urged to join together at the State Capitol this evening and to contact the Lincoln Education Association, the Nebraska State Education Association, and the National Education Association at their earliest convenience to make their opinion known regarding the decision to inject themselves into the debate about health care.

A Press release has been sent to the Lincoln media, noting the some of the above information and more.

Click the picture to download the press release
Click the picture to download the press release