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With Bullocks the Size of This…Who Needs Brains or Principles?

And we wonder why our efforts fail? I don’t have time to tell the whole story now, but here’s the Reader’s Digest version:

On Tues., March 30, I was contacted by an employee of a local wealth management firm, stating that he was going to have a Tea Party at the local event center. He asked me if I wanted to work with him and gave a brief description of his event which was to be “non-partisan”, include booths and a scroll to sign.

I replied that I would certainly like to work with him so we could avoid confusing the public. I suggested a tie-in for the two events and jointly issued press releases. I gave him a link to Grassroots 101 because he was talking about people signing the scroll. I wasn’t sure if he understood about protecting people’s contact information. I attached my press release, which I noted had already been going out, and the flyers, etc.

He replied the next day that since our events were on separate days and it seemed like we both had things well in hand, we should be ok, best of luck.

In other words, “kiss off honey” and “we got from you all the information we need to make sure we step all over your event.”

The next thing I know, there are TV ads all over, and last night a full five minute report on the six o’clock news. It was a lovely piece, portraying the whole event as a “group of citizens” while B roll of the wealth management team and most likely their wives, sat around the firm’s board room table.

At the end of the piece, the reporter noted that there were “other related events”,  one of which was at the Capitol on Saturday at 11AM.

Despite having been brushed off like a crumb, I decided to move on.

Tonight, I went to the Lincoln Tea Party blog to post some new information and found that Mr. Bennie had decided to post information about his newly tweaked event on MY blog site.

It seems they finally learned how to tour around the interwebs. But the learning curve is still steep. Apparently the noob doesn’t understand post moderation because the comment was posted three times.

For a good measure of “in my face” he decided to email me the information as well.

Prior to deletion, I took a screenshot:


I decided to blur the text – since he’s been ever so helpful to me I’m not going to propogate anything of his.

I wish I could understand what I have done to motivate such 5th grade behavior. The answer = nothing. I’m sure a Tea Party event driven by a money manager is more appealing than organized by average local folks.