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Obama’s Stash: Telemarketers Calling to Give it Away

Hello? Need some Stimulus money? (Photo from Philadelphia Fox 8 - click to read article)

I just could NOT resist the opportunity to report that a seemingly endless pile of money being given away by Washington, D.C. is now being marketed to people. Directly. By telemarketers.

Can you hear the cash register sounds? Cha-ching, cha-ching. For better sound effects, I’ve included the video of the Pink Floyd song, “Money”, below. Anyway, I should have asked, can you hear the telephone ringing, followed by the cash register noises?

Reportedly, telemarketers are calling people offering “Federal Government Stimulus money” to make peoples’ homes more energy efficient. Many thanks to my friend, Sandie Crosnoe, for reading me the Facebook thread she found last night (and for taking the snaps of it), which was posted by Jen Hall, reporting such a call.

I’ve embedded the Facebook thread, below, for everyone’s reading pleasure:

Jen deserves the praise she received. Perhaps her effort at least caused the telemarketer to scratch her head…for a second.

When Sandie read Jen’s report aloud and I heard, “Well, it’s from Obama…”, I had to contain my laughter. Randy Hilton, the final commenter in the thread, had the very same thought. If the money is “from Obama”, it must have come from that stash.

For those who missed it, what Randy and I recalled was the 2009 cash giveaway in the Detroit, Michigan, which garnered attention from some media (mostly on the right, of course), primarily because a Detroit radio host captured a couple of interviews with some of the “give-ees”. I have included the YouTube clip of his audio, here:

Obviously, the federal government is not literally calling people to give them money. This is actually worse. What Jen unfortunately experienced is bona fide corporatism in action. A company is marketing its product, which has been chosen as a winner in the winners-and-losers-lottery one sees in corporatist systems. Corporatism was an important element in Mussolini’s development of fascism, which we all know was soon adopted by Adolf Hitler.

But forget Mussolini and Hitler for a second. Did you ever think you’d live to see a day in America when people are receiving calls offering government money as a selling technique? Once again, bravo to Jen.

Note on Jen HallJen is the sister-in-law of David Hall, the keeper of the traveling Liberty Bell. Check out his website, by clicking here.


The National Debt Road Trip Video

America is a lot of trouble in a number of ways. For this minute, though, let’s look “only” at the debt, which is the top #5 of the greatest hits list of the things that threaten to literally do us in.

This is a pretty “nifty” chart to illustrate.

Debt Chart Red

But the chart doesn’t include the most recent explosion of spending.

And it doesn’t address, of course, the accusations that people are only paying attention to the debt levels because Barak Obama is president. The fact is, a lot of people are waking up now.

The following video does a good of explaining why people SHOULD BE in a full blown freak-out.