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You Know You're in Trouble When…The New York Times Starts to Make Sense

Ok, so I visited Fox Business Networks’ site to watch my fellow Tea Party organizers interview. Seeing another video for about “Tea Party”, I thought, what the heck?

If this thing doesn’t encapsulate just about everything that is wrong with the way “the movement” has been mismanaged by the top-down crowd…I don’t know what does.

I cannot believe I found myself agreeing, in part, with Paul Krugman. (Notice, I said in part.) I’m not going to parse it right now. The sad part is, the vast majority of Tea Party organizers have no idea how they are being used and by whom.

Joan Fabiano and Brian T Campbell Appear on Fox Business Networks

Perhaps my two favorite Tea Party organizers, Joan Fabiano of Lansing, MI, and Brian T. Campbell of Denver, CO, appeared in “one place” so to speak. Both appeared, along with St. Louis organizer Bill Hennessy on the Fox News Business network.

Both did an excellent job of getting local issues out on the table and driving home the point that the Tea Party movement is not driven by Republicans, it is an American issue.