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Grassroots Nebraska *ACTION ALERT* & Updates August 27

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Synopsis of this post:

  • Rep. Fortenberry to conduct town halls today in Lincoln
  • Request for input regarding LEA’s Health Care Rally at the Capitol
  • Advice on receiving timely information

Send emails to lincolnteaparty AT gmail DOT com

Thanks to Wendy for passing along the fact that Rep. Jeff Fortenberry will be conducting town hall meetings in Lincoln today.
As Wendy noted, the capacity at Lincoln Southwest is approximately 350 people. In the event there may be a large turnout, it would be advised to arrive early.
Note that at both the Sen. Nelson townhall and LEA rally, there were buses of people brought in from outside of Lincoln to enlarge the number of “pro-reform supporters”.
No signs are allowed at the People’s City Mission as it is private property, but there are signs allowed at the high school.
If you would like to have a sign, but don’t have time to make one, Wendy had a local artist make about a dozen of them and is more than happy to lend them out during an event, please just be sure to return them. She will be at the evening event…just look for the nice gal with a lot of signs that are pro-freedom and anti-socialized medicine.

Fortenberry Town Hall Meetings
Thursday, August 27, 2009

People’s City Mission Town Hall Meeting
People’s City Mission
110 Q St., Lincoln

Lincoln Southwest High School Town Hall Meeting
Lincoln Southwest High School
7001 S 14th St., Lincoln


Anyone who read the email alerts this week are aware that the Lincoln Education Association held a rally at the Capitol in support of “health care reform”.
If you didn’t read the email that was sent, please read THIS POST on the Grassroots in Nebraska public blog.

As noted, I made an effort to let people in our group and on our email list know this event was going to take place despite how short of notice there was. About twenty people who’d been contacted gathered together.

Because I am working on the film project and host a radio show every Tuesday evening, I realized I couldn’t attend myself, so I communicated with Linda Rohman regarding the efforts and communications and asked her to coordinate things to whatever extent seemed necessary.

From multiple independent accounts, the “pro-reformers” at the rally, including those who had been bused in, were determined to cause trouble with the group in opposition although they were simply quietly and respectfully listening to the speakers.

To be blunt, the behavior of many in attendance was disgraceful. Linda will be writing up a report, but in the meantime, it is likely best to listen to her report given immediately following the rally on my weekly radio show. Myself and my co-host talked to Linda for about twenty-five minutes after the opening monologue and then again for about thirty minutes after we had another guest.
Link to Constitutional Liberty Coalition radio show
Raw link to radio show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/GrizzlyGroundswell/2009/08/26/The-Constitutional-Liberty-Coalition-gets-Grizzly-with-Stubborn-Facts

In addition to the behavior of those in attendance, I believe the TV news reports on the event were….less than accurate.
I saw most of the Omaha Ch. 3 and part of the Ch. 10/11 KOLN reports. By all accounts, the headline should have been how poorly the “pro” attendees conducted themselves, about the number of scuffles that occurred, and how adults treated a twelve year old boy. This was not how the story was reported. Both channels I saw played up how many people attended, showing footage of Capitol Police placing cones in the street and commenting, “The crowd was so large, police had to shut down one lane of the street.”
On Ch. 10 / 11, the reporter noted that there was anger at her from “one side” because she was covering the “other”.

Perhaps most outrageously, the Lincoln Journal Star noted at the bottom of a photo, “the mostly calm Vote Yes rally was disrupted”.
I have no idea as of yet how many people attended, but based on footage I saw and noting the attendance in the same location in April, it appears like a fairly accurate count by the Journal Star, which was noted as 600.
I couldn’t find a full article or report on the event, and perhaps I’ve overlooked it. If the comments under the photos noted are any indicator, however, I can fill in the blanks on what the story may have been like.
The Journal Star seems to have selective accuracy “issues”. To review, there was confirmed attendance of 400 at our April 11 event, and 300 – 325 at our July 4 event. LJS reported 250 and 150 respectively.

**Information and opinions requested**
Of course, I am not surprised at the media bias that was employed here.
What I would like is:

  • Anyone who was in attendance, if they have the time, send me a few sentences to a paragraph of their perspective on what occurred, how many people they think were in attendance, and / or any opinions regarding news coverage they saw
  • Opinions on what should be done in this instance or any like it in the future

PLEASE help me to gather these emails by using the following subject line: LEA RALLY & MEDIA COVERAGE

I have not as of yet had the opportunity to visit with Linda since the radio show, but intend to do so today regarding her thoughts on the subject.


Because of all of the traveling I’ve done recently and more to come in less than a week, I simply do not have the time to do what is required to convene a physical meeting for the month of August.
Although that is a fact, I would like to bring the group together to communicate about what has occurred since the last meeting and to discuss future activities.
The best compromise I can find is to conduct a conference call for that purpose.

Date and Time for Call: Monday, August 31, 7:00pm

I have conducted conference calls with 30 – 40 people on the line several times this summer to discuss the Cap & Trade bill and have found they can be done in an orderly and productive manner, IF particular procedures are followed and an agenda adhered to. The capacity for the conference line I use is actually capable of handling 150 participants.

If you are interested in participating in the call, please RSVP with a subject line of “AUG 31 CONFERENCE CALL – YES” and I will send you the call in number and access code. I don’t believe it is a good idea to broadcast the number to the entire mailing list.

The tentative agenda for the call would be as follows:

  • Review of Tenth Amendment movement by Nebraska Senators
  • Brief round up of local health care town halls and LEA rally
  • Report on results of Lincoln City Budget effort
  • Report from TV Group on activities and future plans
  • Potential for tv and radio advertising
  • Call for additional volunteers to handle particular activities
  • Status of our upcoming town hall event
  • Discussion of potential rally


Sending out email to the entire list is a time consuming task. I continue to pursue easier solutions and have found a temporary workable solution. Although I will never post some information on a public site, some information, such as these recent town halls and rallies, can be communicated very quickly through our public blog:

Grassroots in Nebraska blog

If you subscribe by clicking on “profile” under the heading “Subscribe Here for Alerts” on the right side bar, you will receive a daily digest via email of any new postings. When the situation warrants, either Wendy or myself will turn the email frequency to immediate so everyone who has subscribed can receive an email as soon as an item is posted.

400 Attend Lincoln Tea Party @ State Capitol April 11

I am continuing to add to this post but am starting with the videos and graphics referenced.

First I will fill in what we meant to show and then I will talk about some of the things that came up as we “flew by the seat of our pants”.

Why a Tea Party?

Rick Santelli’s “rant” on the Chicago Board of Trade floor on February 19, 2009 ignited a movement:

Rick Santelli’s statements resounded not only with the workers behind him. They resounded across country, but most especially online, and particularly on Twitter.

Members of an online group began discussion on Twitter about attempting to hold Tea Parties in as many cities as possible. “Let’s roll!” was the theme of the tweets the evening of the 19th.

Meanwhile American Specator’s managing editor J.P. Fererir had decided to hold a Tea Party in Washington, D.C. at NOON the following Friday because of the annual the CPAC convention.

Ultimately, this all resulted in a conference call of a dozen members of the Twitter group. They determined to work towards at least ten Tea Parties nationwide to run simultaneously with Ferarie’s event. The participants in the call either all agreed to organize a tea party in their own city or they agreed to help coordinate overall, or both.

A conference call was held each day, with a growing number of participants who were organizing a party. The number of cities exceeded ten by Sunday afternoon. By Monday, there were over two dozen people on the conference call, on Wednesday, over thirty.

On Friday, February 27th, there were tea parties in over 45 cities, some having been organized independently of the conference call based group. Various attendance estimates have come in as low as 15,000 and as high as 30,000.  Almost all of the events occurred simultaneously at 11AM central.

The phenomenon received little national press coverage, but there was much attention by local media where organizers worked at it.

MSNBC and Fox News channel did spend some time on the events that day, particularly Neal Cavuto.

Paul Williams put together an excellent video encapsulating the Tea Party events:

The whole Tea Party “movement” inspired many videos and songs, like the “Tea Party Anthem” [artist name coming]

But what was it that inspired the whole thing in the first place, what was Rick Santelli talking about?

For those still sleeping, so to speak, the TARP / aka Bailout bill last fall served as the “come to Jesus moment”.

Even more realized during the debate about the “Stimulus” Bill.

Front and center in that debate was Nebraska’s own Senator Ben Nelson. The most bothersome thing that Sen. Nelson said leading up to the vote on the Stimulus Bill was, “It’s not the amount that bothers me.”

George Bush & the Free Market

Maxine Waters…Socialism

Barack Obama’s position on the Constitution:

Additional Videos:
Scare Tactics Used to Get Stimulus Passed


Previews of results of HR 1388:

This video was sent

Problems with education:


Didn’t get the handouts from the Tea Party or want to print out more?

Here are downloadable formats of the items given out at the April 11 Lincoln Tea Party:

“What’s Next?” Word Document

“What’s Next?” PDF File

“Twitter Tips” Handout Word Document

“Twitter Tips” Handout PDF File

If you are going to be attending a meeting or an event here in Nebraska and would like handout these items at your gathering, please contact me as I will carry a supply of these printouts for anyone’s use. They are not dated and simply reference “today’s event” not a Tea Party specifically.