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Cap & Trade About Control, Globalism: Targeting INDIVIDUALS' Carbon Emissions

What a surprise! Whoddathunk? Scientists are now considering how to target individuals’ carbon emissions.

First stop: the wealthy.

You know, the people who buy a lot of stuff, use a lot of services? I know it’s a capitalistic concept that appears to be escaping a lot of people these days, but the people who buy a lot of stuff and use a lot services, they rather, dare I say, tend to stimulate the economy.

Click the picture to read the full Reuters article
Click the picture to read the full Reuters article

Reuters released an article on Mondy, July 6, that reported on a study released by the National Academy of Sciences. The study theorizes that the rich emits the most carbon, so they should be targeted.

One of my favorite passages from the article:

Is this a limousine-and-yacht tax on the rich? Not necessarily, Chakravarty said, but he did not rule it out: “We are not by any means proposing that. If some country finds a way of doing that, it’s great.”

It’s GREAT! Taxing the snot out of people who buy items like limos and yachts, that’s a GREAT idea. I’m just wondering how many limo makers will have to lay off their employees, how many auto service businesses will slow down, and how many limo drivers will lose their jobs? And that’s only the limo…

Besides the obvious economic suicide being committed here, it’s difficult to miss the globalist, one world push involved in the whole global warming / climate change (whatever vogue term is this week) and carbon capping push that’s on the fast track.

The notions revealed in the article about how governments would work in a cohesive approach to reduce carbon emissions. The article notes:

“By focusing on rich people everywhere, rather than rich countries and poor ones, the system of setting carbon-cutting targets based on the number of wealthy individuals in various countries would ease developing countries into any new climate change framework, Chakravarty said by telephone.”

In order to implement a plan of this nature, it would seem like an unprecedented amount of cooperation and agreement would have to occur among all nations.  A question that must be answered: what kind of treaty would the U.S. have to enter into in order to pull of a scheme like this?

Finally, this is what happens when there is a push to label a byproduct of human respiration as a “greenhouse gas”. Will those exhalations be measured soon? Careful! You’re breathing too much.

Not to worry! The government is here to help us…save ourselves…from ourselves again….??

The National Academy of Science is figuring it out all out for us. Thank goodness science is being put back in her rightful place.