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Howard Houchen – Ready to Work Hard in Congress

Visit Howard's website - click on the pic!

As I noted in my most recent post, I believe Oklahoma’s July 27 primary election is worthy of attention and active support from those of us who wish to see our country return to core Constitutional principles.

Howard Houchen is running for OK’s U.S. Congressional District 2 seat. Over the last year, I have come to know Howard and I believe he would make an excellent representative in the House. From my first conversation with him, I found him to be articulate, very bright, extremely hard working and a true gentleman. Howard and I worked together over a period of several months to investigate the concept of a state exercising it’s Tenth Amendment Sovereignty through nullification. I was very impressed with Howard’s research capabilities, his work ethic, and his very well-reasoned analysis.

Howard digested the history of nullification, read many proposed health care nullification measures, and provided a thorough analysis as a result. All of this was achieved while running a successful business, taking care of his family, and running for Congress in a very widespread district.

I believe Howard’s boundless energy is motivated by deep conviction in core principles. He loves this country, believes in its unique blessings, and is committed to its restoration and preservation. I only say this as a result of observation, because Howard does not recite his resume of beliefs, one simply knows he has them through his actions.

In addition to all, I have found Howard to be one one of the most conscientious, courteous, people I have come across. He is a true gentleman in just the right sense -NOT by the standards of today’s feminism. Howard reminds a lady that it is entirely possible for a man  to remain strong, firm, and self-assured, and treat women with respect. I have been the personal witness for many months to his attentiveness, appreciation for, and ability to work with others.

Recently, I was the personal beneficiary of his kind nature. Despite what is clearly an extremely demanding schedule for him, Howard drove over two hours to attend a showing of my documentary at Tulsa University – because that is just the kind of guy he is.

We need more people in Congress with Howard Houchen’s character, people skills, work ethic, depth of understanding, and commitment to the Constitution. In a Republic we are supposed to chose men of character, strength, and understanding. Howard Houchen is truly one of those men.

Visit Howard Houchen’s website by clicking HERE.


Say What?? A Republican Gave Money to a Democrat? And Wants a Promotion?

What IS Oklahoma doing with a Democrat for a Governor? That question bugs me every time I hear about something else that the fine fellow vetoes, such as the Sovereignty Resolution in 2009 (which the OK Legislature promptly over rode), or more recently, the Firearms Freedom Act.

Perhaps the answer to how a Democrat opposed to State Sovereignty and the Second Amendment (read that as a Constitutional ignoramus) can be found by picking up a few rocks around the state and seeing what crawls out from under them. Yes, an unpleasant business to be sure.

One slimey thing uncovered recently is the donation by Oklahoma U.S. Congresswoman Mary Fallin to the Governor’s inaugural fund in 2003. Rep. Fallin is currently running for Governor.

She is a Republican.

One of her Oklahoma supporters, Ron Black, a radio show host, tried to pooh-pooh the contribution by noting that such donations are standard practice.

Really? Hmm. Common practice? Sure. It actually rather makes sense, considering the composition of too much of the Republican party these days.

Black also tried to explain that Fallin contributed not to Governor Henry’s campaign, but to his inaugural ball.  Ok…I’m sorry, but does that statement strike anyone else as something tangentially related to “it depends on what the meaning of is is”?

Another of Fallin’s supporters, “Okie from Muskogie”, also tried the hair-splitting thing, too. It’s not a “contribution” to the guy’s campaign, so move along folks, nothing to see here.

Facebook discussion on Fallin ball contribution prior to editing

Avid supporters’ parsing of words doesn’t surprise me anymore – but the acceptance of such nonsense explanations by too many people still does. (See Facebook snap. Black’s explanation seemed to satisfy most, or at least so it appears. One known voice of gentle dissent was promptly deleted from the discussion thread.)

WHO CARES if it is “common practice” for a Lt. Governor to contribute to the incoming administration’s inaugural ball? Is it a good idea? Why is this necessary? So we can have bipartisan dancing and dining?

It’s become common practice also to use government funds for all kinds of unconstitutional purposes – to bailout the too big too fail and the too debt in debt – but those practices aren’t a good idea either.

Aw, well. At least Mary Fallin follows a number of common practices. Not only did she do what was supposedly common practice in regards to donating to the Inaugural ball, she did what has become common practice in Washington, D.C. by voting for the bailout (aka TARP).  Both of those decisions have turned out real well for the people of Oklahoma. Oh, and the whole TARP thing worked out real well for all Americans…thanks, Mrs. Fallin.

Brogdon for Governor, anyone?