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Laura and I Talking Constitution on Lincoln GML-TV

Give Me Liberty TV Opening

A few months ago, I was invited to a taping of a grassroots tv show by Lincoln, Nebraska’s very own Give Me Liberty TV.

I say GML-TV is grassroots because it is a group of local folks who wanted to have an impact on people in some way that was being tried. They opted to put together a TV show on the local cable access channel. Since they started their efforts late last summer, they’ve gathered footage of many rallies, events, and landed a number of interviews, a couple of them real boons. In January, they managed to wrangle an interview with Judge Andrew Napalitano while he was in the state for the Sovereignty Symposium. In February, they sat down with Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key while he was in Lincoln to testify at the Nebraska Unicameral.

Follow up has included panels of local activists and the interview you see below. State Director of the Nebraska Campaign for Liberty Laura Ebke and I were invited on together because we’ve been working on a number of projects together over the past few months.

Likely, the reason why is evident from the interview – Laura and I enjoy discussing the philosophy regarding the Founding and searching for solutions we can put into action to move back towards that Constitutional, limited government. We particularly focused on State Sovereignty and how States have lost their role in the separation of powers and checks and balances intended for our system to work.

Our interview was split into two shows. This is the first of the two, which first aired last week.

Thanks to Patrick and the rest of the GML-TV crew for hosting the interview and for their efforts overall.