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Podcast of Larry Elder's Piece: President Obama Neo-Marxist

I listen every week to a lot of different podcasts, including those from Outloud Opinion, which produces audio versions of opinion pieces through Creator’s Syndicate.

One of the best I’ve heard in a long time comes from Larry Elder. He articulates the principles of a free market system and the problems with government intervention better than anyone I’ve heard since Milton Friedman.

Fascinating Facts About Freedom

In preparing some information to have at hand when dealing with the local media, I wanted to freshen up some knowledge I had floating around in my head. I remember hearing about some recent studies that indicated South Dakota was one of the most free states in the country economically.

But I already knew that. Move out of South Dakota, folks, and is literally, all down hill from there, at least when it comes to economic freedom for sure. I also already knew that Nebraska was a state in which one would find themselves literally hurtling down the “freedom” list.

I wasn’t wrong. Nebraska ranks in the bottom ten in the nation for economic climates due to high tax amounts and methods.

I found this information in a Tax Freedom report.

Nebraska didn’t fair particularly well on the overall freedom index produced by a Mercatus Center study.

I could do without the Center’s rating regarding the legalization or lack thereof of marijuana use, but other than that the principles seemed sound.

So…how free is your state?