*Action Alert* August 22 Healthcare Recess Rally in Omaha

I have received requests both from a member of Grassroots in Nebraska and a 912 Omaha member to post information about the Recess Rally taking place in Omaha on August 22.

Here is the pertinent information (also, just click on the image below for a printable flyer):

What: Healthcare Recess Rally

Date: Saturday, August 22

Time: Noon – 2:00pm

Where: City – County Building Plaza, 18th & Farnham, Omaha

Speakers Include: Congressman Lee Terry
State Treasurer Shane Osborn
State Senator Tony Fulton
Dr. John Heieck
Dr. Britt Thedinger
Dr. John Batter
Glenn Freeman
Greg Boyle
All Nebraska federal and state representatives have been invited to attend, as well as Senator Chuck
Grassley and Representative Steve King from Iowa

Click the picture to get the printable flyer
Click the picture to get the printable flyer

Please note this is an event organized by 912 Omaha and Americans for Prosperity of Nebraska, not by Grassroots in Nebraska.

5 thoughts on “*Action Alert* August 22 Healthcare Recess Rally in Omaha”

  1. To people outside the US who have enjoyed universal health care all their lives, America’s opponents of universal health care look like ignorant fools.

    1. If you would like to have universal health care as provided outside the US…by all means…leave all of us who are “ignorant fools” and join those folks. See, they don’t have a Constitution which enumerates the powers of the Federal government. Health care is not an arena in which our government, under our Constitution has any business meddling in.

      If you do not like our Constitution…I invite you to go about the process provided to change it.

  2. A warning about the Americans for Prosperity and their linkages with American Solutions

    Please do not send money if you object to incumbent bailout voters and globalists like Newt Gingrich. Glad they are allies on opposing socialism, but they are not an organization that I would want to empower to lobby on my behalf. Be forewarned! Here is a letter that I sent to leaders in Oklahoma about my personal experiences with them.

    Dear Ones,

    I am not sure why anyone would include Stuart Jolly to speak at any event in Oklahoma. In a presentation in Bartlesville recently he said that part of the mission of AFP is to provide political cover for ‘some’ incumbents, guessing he means Republican bailout voters. I would discourage any alignment with his organization whatsoever and have not recommended promoting his events or including him as a speaker ever! I’ll give you several more specific reasons:

    First and foremost, his organization Americans for Prosperity is/was linked with American Solutions (globalist Newt Gingrich’s group) via Tea Party Patriots. [image attached as proof taken directly from TPP website]

    Additionally I have asked repeatedly to be removed from his mailing list to no avail / so once you get on his list apparently you cannot get off. Next time you hear how many he has on his list, just know that it is inflated by one because I am not a supporter of his and have no respect for his mode of operation or his endorsements or the way he treats/speaks about my favorite Congressman Ron Paul (who did not vote for any bailouts for the record!).

    Finally the most troublesome item is also the hardest for me convey. At the same meeting in Bartlesville, Stuart Jolly indicated that he/AFP organized all the teaparty events in Oklahoma. I was sitting there with one of the Bartlesville organizers and knew that was anything but the truth. I was involved in the teaparty efforts from the beginning and helped a bunch, but would never presume to take credit for them all. What nerve! What a lie! What arrogance! How sad.

    It is annoying that front operations like AFP attempt to gain political capital with issues that are clearly coalescing issues for grassroots and attempt to look like they are our leaders when nothing could be further from the truth and they are in fact the ones keeping in power the folks who vote in opposition to the constitution on critical votes.

    Please feel free to share this information as you deem appropriate. Please send no money to the group and be advised that they are more a part of the problem than a part of the solution. Having said that I am glad they are working to oppose the health care bill, but please beware of anything with their name on it.

    Be advised they will probably support all the Republican incumbent bailout voters instead of attempting to replace them in the primary so money placed in their coffers will probably be used against your efforts indirectly and behind the scenes if not openly. Worse they could be a part of a compromise solution (if empowered) on the health care bill when the appropriate constitutional response is that health care is not a function of federal government. Clearly not someone we would want speaking on our behalf on any level!

    I hope this letter is helpful and constructive somehow. I know we are wading through tricky waters and there are snakes in the grass in abundance! This is only one of them to be sure. I am not sure if there is anything you can do, but you sure cannot fix matters if you don’t understand the problem.


    Your Time is a Real Treasure here is an article I wrote recently on volunteering 101 (and how to vet groups)

    PS Oh yes, as I stated earlier, Mr Jolly is also extremely negative about Ron Paul and got very angry with me when I made his comments about my favorite Congressman public. I am pondering writing a story about the correspondence and posting it, but haven’t had the time or the inclination as yet. I would rather have just ignored him out of existence. But it looks like that is not going to work, since they keep taking credit for what others are doing and somehow getting themselves invited to speak anyway. If you need to see the correspondence, let me know and I’ll post it or share it.

    1. Sandie,
      Thank you very much for posting this. I was ambivalent about posting the rally information because of what I know about a number of sponsors listed on the event flyer in other parts of the country. I posted it because the people I know here in Nebraska are good people. I have talked a number of times to the people in my local group about the problems with national groups. I hope they read your comment as further information on the whole subject.

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