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Stop the Health Care Bill Before Christmas

For more detail on the rally, visit Grassroots in Nebraska OR Click flyer above

67% of Nebraskans are opposed to the health care bill. But Senator Ben Nelson sold his vote for untold millions in Medicaid funding and benefits to insurance and drug companies. Nelson sold out all Nebraska and Americans–who’ll be forced to buy health insurance or face fines and jail sentences.

Rally Tuesday night December 22nd at 6PM at his Senate office in the Haymarket.

Show Senator Nelson and all of Congress you do NOT want a government takeover of health care.

Pink Slips to Print – Send One to Your Senator STOP HEALTH CARE BILL

It seems like a LOT of people are looking for pink slips right now to send into their Senators so they get the message:

Uphold the Constitution or you’re fired!

The number of searches on Google and Yahoo landing people here has skyrocketed in the last two days.

I thought I would make it simpler for people by reposting in a shorter article.

There are two versions of the slips – one is to print directly on pink paper and the other will make the whole page pink if you don’t.

They print four to a sheet. If you click on the link below, you will be taken to a Google download page to a printable PDF file.

Click one of the titles below – they are links

click here for Pink Slip for Pink Paper

click here for Pink Slip for White Paper (has a pink background)

The last time I posted these forms, I also posted a printable “make-your-own” yard sign template. It prints on multiple sheets of paper and it’s real straightforward to line up the letters, do a little trimming and tape or glue them together. You will want to print this out on pink paper – I’m pretty sure you’d run out of some ink printing this with pink.

click here for Pink Slip Yard Sign Printable

They look like this (minus the gridlines)

If you’d like to send one of these to your Senator, but don’t know his or her contact information, you can visit here to do a look up:

United States Senators Contact List

Do NOT wait to contact your Senator until you think the vote on the overall bill is imminent.  Majority Leader Reid is pushing to bring the bill to the floor and wants a cloture vote.

For those not familiar, cloture is the process which either allows a bill to proceed to the Senate floor or closes out any further debate / action on it.

In the case of health care, a “NO” vote on cloture would stop the health care bill from proceeding and so obviously, a “YES” vote would mean the bill would go to the floor for debate.

60 “Yes” cloture votes are required for a bill to proceed.

Many reports indicated that there are likely 57 “Yes” votes – and it was just reported (11/18 5:47am) that there were 60 votes – so we really need to keep the pressure on.

The cloture vote will be telling and is as good as a recorded vote as far as I’m concerned.