Fred Thompson Hawking Subsidized Mortgages? Huh?

Fred Thompson, former Tennessee Senator, sleepy Presidential candidate, and actor has been hawking government subsidized mortgages.

Hello? Has Mr. Thompson heard of the whole Fannie / Freddie / Ginnie / CRA thing? The meltdown, the bailout…?

Apparently Fred was half-asleep then, too.

4 thoughts on “Fred Thompson Hawking Subsidized Mortgages? Huh?”

  1. Haha.. another individual who doesnt know the difference between a reverse mortgage, and a subsidized one.. You guys on the left continue to display your stupidity daily..

  2. Apparently, money speaks, loudly. We haven’t had a true, good candidate for any office in nearly 30 years. So, why should it change now? Money, money, money.

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