March 15 2009 Rally

On March 9, 2009, I was contacted by father-daughter team, John and Angela, who had decided to have a rally in front of Senator Ben Nelson’s Lincoln office. They were referred to me by one of the other organizers of the first Tea Parties in February.

John and Angela decided to call the event “The Nebraska Pork Tea Party Protest”. They wanted to send a message to Senator Ben Nelson that his vote on the February “Stimulus” bill. David West had held a Tea Party in Omaha on February 27, 2009 as one of the nearly 40 cities who held rallies motivated by Rick Santelli’s famous rant on CNBC on February 19, 2010, but the “Pork Protest” was the first Tea Party rally held in Lincoln.

With few contacts and little media coverage, about 100 people managed to find out about the rally in the few short days available. Media did show up as we were able to get out press releases. Omahan John Comstock was already waiting when I arrived to set things up and offered to don his Patrick Henry costume and give his own rendition of the famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech. Of course, it was a rousing crowd favorite.

This is the event that launched future efforts; I was in the process of establishing Grassroots in Nebraska, which organized the April 11, 2009 Tea Party at the Capitol.

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  1. 3/27/09
    Just to let you know, Wal-Mart has GV tea bags for $1.84, and Van Camp pork and beans for .50 cents a can.

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