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Real Lies and Lying Liars Who Are Killing This Country

You think its “Democrats” that are killing this country? You’re right, they are – the party consists of an overwhelming majority of Socialist / Marxist / Fascist / Dictatorial types, so they must get top billing. The thing, is, there’s another killer.

But it is quiet – nearly silent. And it’s among us. The enemy within. People who say they are “on our side”.

If we really want to do something about reversing our rapidly increasing speed in the wrong direction then we literally have to take notice of that elephant in the room. Pun most definitely intended.

The elephant in the room is comprised of the following:

1. Republican incumbents who are….

  • Progressive (a-ok with big government as long as it’s the “R”s who are in charge, believe they know best, like redistributing wealth, are cool with global governance, are for carbon tax, think government should provide health care, believes government creates jobs, etc.)
  • Morally repulsive – YES, CHARACTER COUNTS
  • Only concerned about keeping their jobs

2. Party powerful and their establishment friends…

  • GOP members at whatever level whose primary concern is to keep “R”s in office, regardless of their voting record or character
  • Little minions of the party who do the bidding of party officials in hopes of “earning their dues” for their own future aspirations
  • Supporting astroturf organizations

3. Active supporters of the above, whatever their ridiculous reasoning or motivation…

To clarify what I mean on #3, I can only cite a couple of personal examples. I had a member of Grassroots in Nebraska leave the group and start up her own because she wanted me to quit saying negative things about the Republican party. She went on to very actively assist an astroturf organization and the county GOP here into literally strong arming GiN into doing a joint tea party on Tax Day this year with the GOP. A very related yet separate example is another member of the group showing up to a meeting about how to deal with the hijacking of the event for the express purpose of reading me the riot act and issuing me an ultimatum. The GOP could have its tea party right on the same spot if they wanted and I should be quiet. If I didn’t pipe down about what the GOP was doing AND give way to them holding their event in GiN’s place, he couldn’t be involved any further in GiN.

Is there any question about whose side those two people were on?

Embedded in my examples of active supporters of the party powerful and protectors of the Progressive, establishment elected officials who need to be ousted are also examples of the thuggery and reprehensible conduct of all.

The sad part is, I am no longer surprised by this anymore. By the time the calendar rolled around to March 2010, I was not even surprised the county party, the astroturf, or the female former member were engaging in their thuggish behavior.  (I was a bit surprised at the fellow who showed up at the meeting – but I should not have been.)

This conduct is old hat. I could cite you dozens of recent examples from right here within Nebraska, several from my past involvement with the party in South Dakota, and many as reported to me by people in several other states.

For now, though, I will only reference one.

And it’s far more important than a Tea Party.

In Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District, a County GOP chair and Vice-Chair, with the help of at least one other individual, are determined to protect incumbents and to obstruct challengers directly from their positions as party officials. Behind the scenes, from positions of attempted anonymity, they pervert information and sell it as truth.

For a sampling of out in the open activities of the Vice-Chair in particular read these posts by Axxiom:

Cleveland County GOP Vice-Chair Tells RJ Harris He is Banned

Why Is Tessa Breder Cleveland County GOP Vice-Chair So Slot Slinging Happy

Vice-Chair Breder and Chairman Bobby Cleveland are not satisfied with using their positions directly, including control of party resources and information to protect incumbents like Congressman Tom Cole. It is well known by many in the county area that Cleveland and Breder are the master minds behind the anonymously authored blog Okie Pundit.

I will not link to their site – they will NOT get help driving traffic directly from me.

To summarize briefly, “Okie Pundit”‘s full time job is to smear challenger candidates and cheerlead 24/7 for incumbent Republican politicians.

Smears include clever hit jobs like this:

And perversions of facts such as characterizing of candidate RJ Harris’ name change from Barnes back to his birth name Harris when he discovered it had been changed as a small child. Cleveland, Breder, et al have tried to connect RJ’s difficult family circumstance with which the name change was associated with the closure and failure of his businesses several years ago. The hit squad that is the Cleveland County GOP do more than imply Harris changed his name to evade paying taxes.

To avoid linking, I have embedded an image of the about page for the site here – the most interesting statement is:

Okiepundit.com is a conservative blog written by several long-time Oklahomans.  If you don’t like our anonymity, then you don’t need to read us.  (The last sentence applies primarily to the politicians who throw fits when we’re critical of them).

I know I have no need to read Okie Pundit. I know when I go there, I’m going to get all pro-incumbent politician drivel and hit pieces on all the challengers, straight down the line. The only purpose for even giving the light of day to the name of their lie-filled website is to point out who is behind it.

And more importantly, display the thuggery of party officials who will stop at literally nothing to protect incumbents who are no longer fit to hold office. Tom Cole, for instance, has voted to fund Planned Parenthood, for the TARP (bailout), voted to increase spending at record rates when Bush was still in office, appealed for support to the Obama Administration on the NASCO project that is an open-borders neon sign, and has many questionable connections and funding sources. Among them is the very creepy Aspen Institute, a very progressive, globalist think tank based in Colorado. Further, Cole’s Wikipedia page, updated July 22, 2o1o, notes his wife recently filed for divorce due to infidelity.

Is Tom Cole worth protecting? If you lived in Oklahoma, who would get your vote? The establishment, Progressive Republican, or the long-term member of the military with two tours of active duty (on the cusp of being three) who can clearly articulate all of the principles of the Constitution, has been faithfully married to his wife of 20 years, and is pursuing a law degree?

All of these examples of thuggery should bother far more people than they do. They should inspire more questions than they do.

Should anyone take an anonymous website with an obvious axe to grind remotely seriously?

When ARE we all going to turn our backs on all of these people and express the proper scorn when others have no problem with this conduct?

Will it be when hell freezes over?

Dear Lord above, I pray it will be much sooner than that.


Its Not Time To Party On Dude

No PartiesSo…on November 3, we had another election day…

And what did we gain?

Unfortunately, I think we may have seen a bolstering of “R” vs “D” politics.

Apparently, the RNC believes it gained some momentum and can say, “Whew! We’re baaaack!”

Sorry, it’s not time to…Party…or more correctly, it’s not time to break your arms patting yourselves on the back, Republican Party. So don’t go listening to those TV anchors and talking heads who, on the teasers prior to commercial breaks, were promising to “tell you what it all means at the top of the hour”.

Thanks, Shep, but I can interpret what happened yesterday without any help from you.

I don’t need the guys who read the teleprompters or the inside the beltway types who  give us the “that’s the way it works in the sausage factory” interpretations. Results were couched in the typical “R” vs “D” lingo. It was supposedly jobs and economic concerns. Pocketbook issues, as they always say. I do believe that has been typical of the electorate and is likely still too true.

But I don’t believe that is what happened yesterday.

As the RNC establishment crowd talks about how they are coming back, etc., etc., they and the pinhead analysts fail to mention the “little” GOP disaster in New York’s District 23.  Their candidate, Scozzafava, whose history, connections, and voting record (NY State Assembly) echoes Barack Obama’s more than Ronald Reagan’s, actually dropped out of the race and endorsed…the Democrat. Endorsed the Democrat over a fellow who was running as a Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman.

Prior to Scozzafava pulling out, the RNC thought they’d test drive Newt Gingrich’s political capital by having him officially endorse her…and found out that they might need to look under the hood some more.

About 48 hours in front of election day, there were GOP talking heads suddenly blathering enthusiastically about New Jersey, Virginia, and New York as if they were all GOP races. As if no one had noticed anything they’d done in New York – or the phenomenon that was taking place there.

Money poured in from around the country to Hoffman’s campaign. He didn’t win, unfortunately, but pulled in 45% of the vote – within 4 points of the Democratic victor.

Did people send money to Doug Hoffman because they were concerned about their pocket book? NO!

Here’s the message they were sending in New York:


They were telling the RNC: Support good candidates (you know, the ones that have actually read the Constitution?) or we’re taking our money and votes elsewhere.

I think New Jersey and Virginia voted Republican not because they had that “R” behind their names, but because they were “not Democrats” or “not joined at the hip to Barack Obama” (kinda of like the “Not Bush” votes of 2008).

I don’t like the idea of “Not ______” votes because that kind of movement is not sustainable – it isn’t the necessary sea change.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I would like to vote FOR someone.

For now, people are stilling clinging to the two party system – so they went with the Republican.

The RNC should go check some party affiliation statistics if they’re going to ignore what happened in New York.  There is a mad rush…away from attachment to either party…towards registration as Independent.

But all of this should be a wake up call to the Democratic Party, too. Robert Gibbs tried to play pin the tail on the elephant – by talking about how “George W. Bush lost Virginia and New Jersey in 2005″ – while saying that the results wouldn’t change anything about the President’s agenda. Message to Mr. Gibbs: If you’re going to pin the tail on the elephant in 2005, you have to pin the tail on the donkey in 2009.

Also, getting whopped in two out of three key races and having a close contender from a third party in another…is a shot directly across the bow of the President’s agenda.

Also, memo to David Axelrod: If you think in the current political environment, people are going to buy such nonsense as you were spewing Wednesday like “the only race that is indicative for future elections is what happened in that Congressional race in New York”, then you’ve been hoping a bit too much for too long.

People only hope for change for so long. They will only “give him a chance” for so long. The “different kind of politics” coming from your candidate aren’t different after all. And like so many, Mr. Axelrod, you are finding out campaigning and winning an election is far different from governing. Especially when your candidate had no real experience in doing it before and doesn’t understand how to lose.

I don’t have much in the way of suggestions for a party that was hijacked a century ago by collectivists. But I think we’ve reached the limit on how far the pendulum can swing.

I do have a suggestion for the RNC establishment. Since they don’t appear to be getting the message from the voters,  I think the Republican Congressional leadership ought to take some very swift action. Better put one of the myriad federal programs to work bailing out the party, quick!

They should invoke the Endangered Species Act.

If the Elephants don’t start taking a skewer to the RINOs…they’re both going to end up extinct.

(That donkey’s looking a little peaked, too, I think)