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The National Debt Road Trip Video

America is a lot of trouble in a number of ways. For this minute, though, let’s look “only” at the debt, which is the top #5 of the greatest hits list of the things that threaten to literally do us in.

This is a pretty “nifty” chart to illustrate.

Debt Chart Red

But the chart doesn’t include the most recent explosion of spending.

And it doesn’t address, of course, the accusations that people are only paying attention to the debt levels because Barak Obama is president. The fact is, a lot of people are waking up now.

The following video does a good of explaining why people SHOULD BE in a full blown freak-out.

The Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly Tuesday, August 11 -

Just click on the image above to listen to the show
Just click on the image above to listen to the show

Tuesday, August 11

Join us at 7pm CDT / 8pm EDT / 6pm MDT / 5pm PDT for discussion about basic government principles.

We’ll be talking about the difference between democracy and republic and how much the United States has strayed from the government originally intended by the Founders.

As one aspect of how far we’ve strayed, we’ll talk about government spending and taxation and the idea of “free” services.

Our guests Nathan, a college bound student who will be majoring in history with tentative plans to become a Constitutional attorney, and Linda Rohman, an attorney turned homeschool mother who has been working to limit spending in her local city government.

We invite you to call in to the show to discuss any of these topics.

Call in number (646) 915-9997.