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Stop the Health Care Bill Before Christmas

For more detail on the rally, visit Grassroots in Nebraska OR Click flyer above

67% of Nebraskans are opposed to the health care bill. But Senator Ben Nelson sold his vote for untold millions in Medicaid funding and benefits to insurance and drug companies. Nelson sold out all Nebraska and Americans–who’ll be forced to buy health insurance or face fines and jail sentences.

Rally Tuesday night December 22nd at 6PM at his Senate office in the Haymarket.

Show Senator Nelson and all of Congress you do NOT want a government takeover of health care.

*Action Alert* August 22 Healthcare Recess Rally in Omaha

I have received requests both from a member of Grassroots in Nebraska and a 912 Omaha member to post information about the Recess Rally taking place in Omaha on August 22.

Here is the pertinent information (also, just click on the image below for a printable flyer):

What: Healthcare Recess Rally

Date: Saturday, August 22

Time: Noon – 2:00pm

Where: City – County Building Plaza, 18th & Farnham, Omaha

Speakers Include: Congressman Lee Terry
State Treasurer Shane Osborn
State Senator Tony Fulton
Dr. John Heieck
Dr. Britt Thedinger
Dr. John Batter
Glenn Freeman
Greg Boyle
All Nebraska federal and state representatives have been invited to attend, as well as Senator Chuck
Grassley and Representative Steve King from Iowa

Click the picture to get the printable flyer
Click the picture to get the printable flyer

Please note this is an event organized by 912 Omaha and Americans for Prosperity of Nebraska, not by Grassroots in Nebraska.