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STRIKE DAY! Taking It Up a Notch – Take the Poll!

The Traditional Patriot“, Robert of San Jose, CA, a feisty Constitution lover started the ball-rolling on this idea and I’m so glad to have the privilege of working with him.


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The Federal Government has gone over the edge.

While we have a deficit of $65 trillion+*, the 111th Congress and our President just keep spending, spending, spending.

Our elected representatives are ramming pieces of legislation into law faster than a speeding bullet and they don’t even know what’s in them.

Our money supply is controlled by a shady, extra-constitutional entity that has no oversight and carte blanche to print monopoly money at will, devaluing our currency and implementing a stealth tax by way of inflation.

Money is just a uniform way of valuing a product, good, service, or time. When you work, you are being compensated for your time. When government taxes you, they are taking some of your time, taking some of your life away.

Since government spending has reached levels so far beyond what can possibly be repay edwithout levels of taxation well into the future that are astronomical, government will be taking more and more of our time, more of our lives away. Based upon what has already been spent, government will be taking a lot of our childrens’ and our grandchildrens’ time, and therefore, their lives, as well.

Many of us know – THIS MUST STOP!

We make phone calls, we send faxes, and emails to the point of locking up websites and switchboards, where staffers shut off fax machines, but they’re still not getting the message.

We’ve taken to the streets in millions at Tea Parties and they still do not get the message.

Since our previous efforts to get through to government don’t seem adequate by themselves to get the point across, and we cannot wait until 2010 to vote people out of Congress, we need to take further action:

It’s time to crank it up a notch!

We need to hit government right where it currently lives; in its pocketbook.

Government’s pocketbook is tax dollars. Government entities tax every aspect of our daily lives from the income earned through our jobs, homes we live in, communication services we use such as our phones and internet, gas we put in our cars,  our leisure activities from the adult beverages we may drink to the hotels we stay in on vacation. Even in death, the government wants a cut through estate / inheritance taxes.

All of these activities are some form of commerce from which layers of government benefit.

In order to get the message across that it is time for government to be reduced in size and power to its proper role, we must choke off access to our money by shutting down as many avenues of tax collection as possible.

We propose a STRIKE, meaning that anyone who agrees that government is over the edge, pledges to refrain from all exchange of commerce.

What would a strike entail?

  • Do not go to work.
  • If you own a business, close for the day.
  • Do not shop for goods or services such as gas, groceries, movie rentals, clothing, fast food, pizza delivery, car maintenance, hair cuts, etc., etc.
  • Do engage in any banking transactions of any kind such as ATMs, drive thru, loan closings, etc.
  • Do not make major purchases such as a car, appliances, property, or a TV.
  • Do not engage in financial markets such as stock transactions, 401k account changes, etc.

There is NO question that this requires sacrifice from everyone who participates.

We do not suggest that if you are in an employment situation that is tenuous due to a downturn in your industry, that you risk the loss of your job. Go to work if that’s the case. You can do your part by otherwise not engaging in any commerce whatsoever.

A strike could be effective if it were a one time thing  BEFORE Congress leaves for the August break. We propose Friday, July 31.

A strike could be even more effective if we do it once a month (the last Friday) thereafter UNTIL WE GET THE DESIRED RESULTS.

We want to know the level of support for this idea – so please take the poll, below:

Currently, this poll is available on @apackof2′s site, just click the graphic of the poll to go to the post located there, the poll is at the bottom:

This idea was discussed on the Tuesday, July 14, on the Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly radio show. The first part of the show concerns the subject of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, through the first half hour. The portion of the show that covers the STRIKE DAY concept runs for one hour, and Robert from San Jose is on the show for the duration.

*The estimate of Federal debt includes unfunded obligations like business bailout guarantees, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.


Suggested Actions on Cap & Trade H.R. 2454 / 2998

**UPDATED July 7, 2009**
Quick Summary of Suggestions Included Here:
  • People are urged to contact their elected officials in Federal, State, and local office
  • Cite the responses to constituents from Congressmen and Senators
  • Contact members of the relevant committees in the Senate who will handle the bill
  • Try to get boots on the ground
Contacting Your Senator:
Options to look up contact information
Senator Contact LookupYou can find any Senator’s DC mailing address and telephone number, including a fill in message form on the U.S. Senate website.
Congress Contact InfoContacting the Congress for your US Senators and District House Rep. by address.
Vote SmartProject Vote Smart does a zip code search and displays your U.S. Senators, House Rep., governor, state legislators, and statewide elected officials like Treasurer.
Why contacting your state and local officials is important:
  • This bill directly supplants state and local laws in many, many ways.
  • Large financial burdens are placed on state and local governments
  • States, by way of the Governors and State legislators will deal with much of the fall out dictated by this bill
  • States and municipalities will be penalized for non-compliance
  • States, by way of the Governors and Legislatures need to, for once an for all, draw lines around how much more they will allow the Federal government to encroach on the sovereignty of their states
For some bullet points on how the bill encroaches on State and local governments, click HERE (link coming soon)
Making Contact With Elected Officials:
  • Find an event or meeting at which you could make personal contact with the elected official whom you’d like to discuss the bill. If so, have some information ready, such as THIS FLYER (link coming soon), which has bullet points, referenced to the bill that you can hand them.
  • The most effective is in person, directly with the official.
  • Second most effective is in person with the official’s staff.
  • Next most effective means are those that “make the most noise in their offices”, in the following order snail mail letter, fax, phone call, email.  Mailed letters are only effective if there is enough time to send them.
If you are using mail, we suggest including a pink slip, which you can read about HERE.
Another suggested action, proposed by Pat of Florida is to use points from letters written by Congressman who voted “NO” on Friday, such as this one from Rep. Vern Buchanan:

I wanted to let you know that today I voted against the bill, which would kill jobs, hurt the economy and raise energy costs for every family in America.

This flawed legislation would create a new bureaucracy to oversee the government’s mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is another government over-reach on the heels of unwarranted bailouts, reckless spending and spiraling debt.

By imposing tough new requirements and increased costs on manufacturers, the bill puts American companies at a competitive disadvantage with manufacturers in other countries like China, India and Mexico. The bill would drive jobs overseas as our country struggles to climb out of a deep recession.

The last thing we need in the midst of a deep recession is higher costs for consumers and small businesses.

The 1,200-page bill was still being rewritten hours before it was voted on by the House.

Washington is broken, and nowhere is this more evident than in the fact that complicated, far-reaching legislation was brought to the floor when no member could possibly have read it ahead of time.

Although the bill passed the House, I am hopeful it will be carefully reviewed and modified by the Senate in a bipartisan fashion.

Again, thank you for contacting me.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in the future.

Vern Buchanan
Crista Huff of Colorado made the follow excellent suggestions in her email newsletter:
Take additional action! Call your closest friend/relative on a fixed income, and talk to them about their food, energy & product prices going up.  Encourage them to contact their Congressman and Senators.  Google their Senators’ phone numbers first, so you’re ready to walk your loved one through this process.  These phone calls are very simple, but they can be intimidating to someone who’s never done this before.

Take even more action! Forward this to people on your email list who are motivated to make the calls: business people, scientists, conservative voters, workers from struggling companies and people on fixed incomes.