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Nathan Dahm Will Serve OK CD01 Well

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I met Nathan Dahm a year ago at the Freedom 21 Conference in Oklahoma City while conducting interviews for A New America. My friend, Sandra Crosnoe, spoke very highly of him. She was hoping at that time that he would run for the U.S. Congressional seat in District 1. Upon meeting Nathan, I found him to be a polite, well-spoken fellow. But – shame on me – I missed out that round on being appropriately impressed.

I say “shame on me” because I’ve thought for quite some time now that it would do our politics a world of good if candidates and politicians were different. The dog and pony show, smooth-talking, and slick willy speech-givers are quite clearly not serving us well. Early in our history, candidates didn’t campaign on their own behalf. It was considered unseemly. Because we are a republic, people were elected more on reputation they had, on their character, and by way of the recommendations others gave on their behalf. We’re of course, a far cry from that environment today. George Washington or Thomas Jefferson were to run for office today, for instance, they’d lose. And lose big.

One of Nathan’s most admirable qualities is humility. Although Nathan possesses the quiet humility that I have imagined is like that of Washington or Jefferson, he is also an excellent public speaker. His depth of knowledge of history is quite evident through his thorough recall when making a point. Core principles are clearly part of his thinking process – I’ve witnessed his ability to cite writings of Founders in explaining a position with ease – absent notes.

I’ve watched Nathan over the course of a year and had the opportunity to work with him periodically, along with others, to discuss courses of action regarding campaigns and grassroots efforts. I’ve observed how he has conducted his campaign, how he treats other people, and how we works with others. Nathan is a gentleman.

It is ironic to me that I only recently found out Nathan is a homeschool graduate. That explains much about Nathan to this homeschool mother of three. Depth of knowledge, quiet strength, articulate thought, written word, and speech. Quite recently, there was an absurd attack on Nathan’s homeschool education by avid supporters of the incumbent John Sullivan, whom Nathan is challenging.

Tragically, these establishment types have bought into the Progressive model for our society and bizarrely prefer politicians who are a product of the education system that is either directly controlled or strong-armed by the State. It should not be surprising. These same people prefer their representative in Congress be one that voted for TARP (aka Bailout) and the largest increase in government’s size in our history  - until vastly expanded upon by the present ruling party. The same OK GOP party establishment enforcers who prefer indoctrination over education don’t seem to mind that John Sullivan suddenly “got religion” after Bush left office.

Despite the efforts of the status quo crowd, Nathan’s support has consistently grown over time. He has picked up endorsements by a wide array of well-respected organizations such as Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, Tulsa Area Republican Assembly, Republican Liberty Caucus of Oklahoma, American Council on Health Care Reform, grassroots activist groups such as R3publicans and OKforTEA, and newspapers such as the Tulsa Beacon.

Nathan is ready to serve the people of OK CD01. All that remains to be seen is how many voters are awake, aware, and have realized what kind of men they should send to Congress.

Visit Nathan Dahm’s http://www.nathandahm.com

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Why Everyone Should Watch The Texas GOP Governor Debate NOW

People outside of Texas might wonder they should watch a Texas Gubernatorial Republican Primary Debate.

I highly recommend it because I think this race is illustrative of a number of phenomenon that are at work right now on the “right” side of the aisle. And boy do I use THAT term loosely. Please understand that loose term includes those committed to restoring the Republic as originally intended by the Founders (and mean it, understand it), people who call themselves “conservative”, Republicans, RINOs, etc., etc.

In other words, everyone who says they are on the side of limited government and individual liberty whether they mean it or not.

This Texas GOP Gubernatorial Primary has a nice little collection of examples for us all, as it includes current Texas Governor Rick Perry, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and activist Debra Medina.

Who the Republicans of Texas ultimately choose as their candidate will tell the rest of us around the country just how serious Texas Republicans are about the Constitution, liberty, and if the Texas reputation of “Don’t Mess With Texas” and “Come and Get It” really have meaning, or not.

I watched much of the first debate. I knew I was no fan (that’s putting it mildly) of either Perry or Hutchinson, but didn’t have any real first-hand exposure to Medina.

What I saw was two RINOs pointing fingers at one another, playing politics, dodging tough questions, and talking about…how government can solve things. And I also saw someone who knows the Constitution, keeps her eye on the ball, isn’t afraid to answer a question, and rightfully views her fellow debate participants as a couple of politicians who are good at twisting words.

What WILL the people of Texas decide? Will they recognize their governor is a guy who is about as slick as a used car salesman who has figured out to ride whales like the Tenth Amendment issue while on the other hand is the same guy who tried to force Gardasil vaccine on teenage girls. Will the people of tax look any deeper into Governor Perry?

Will the people of Texas recognize Kay Bailey Hutchinson as an establishment politician who likes to straddle such issues as life? Hutchinson was actually laughed at repeatedly at the last debate as she tap danced better than Sammy Davis, Jr. through a series of pin-point questions on whether or not she supported a repeal of Roe v. Wade.f

Will the people of Texas recognition a candidate who is committed to adhere to the Constitution?

Watch Live on KHOU

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