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An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Glenn,

I’ve been listening to your radio show regularly since you went syndicated, which I believe was when you were in Philadelphia.  In the last two years, I haven’t missed more than a couple of shows because I became an “Insider”.  I signed up for my membership during the period when you lost stations and your ratings went down. You know, when everyone was calling you, Mr. Sunshine?

I actually paid money (still am) to continue listening to you. Why? Because I am interested in listening to sincere people who are avid seekers of truth.

Lately, I’ve been troubled by some of the company you are keeping, some of the questions you are not asking.

Just yesterday, Rush Limbaugh was a guest on your show. Rush may be the Maharushi, but he is at times, intellectually dishonest. When the conversation turned towards blame, Rush did what he always does; minimizes the responsibility of George W. Bush and Republicans in general, and tries to lay all at the feet of the Democratic party. I don’t know why you wouldn’t call him on that, after all that you’ve said on the subject. Continuing to play these political games is just running us all into the ground.

Newt Gingrinch has been a frequent guest on your show, and in the last few weeks you mentioned seeing him at some kind of dinner, and also having had lunch with him.

I really wonder, Glenn, if you’ve spent anytime whatever really listening to the things Mr. Gingrich says. I realize he is a very articulate man who knows history, and he can really craft a phrase. He so often says so many of the right things. I think he is far craftier than our current President, as a matter of fact.

You have to listen extremely closely and to a lot of what Mr. Gingrich has to say before you start to realize there is much to be troubled about.

I was prompted to write this “letter” as a matter of fact, by some recent statements Mr. Gingrich made during a speech and question and answer session that were made available through American Conservative University podcasts.

You’ve been talking about Progressivism a lot lately. I understand what it is. I’ve read Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism, for instance.  I’ve heard what you’ve said about Theodore Roosevelt.

In this recent Q & A session, Gingrich stated:

“I’m basically a Theodore Roosevelt Republican in that there are times when you want to progressively, you want a progressive movement that intervenes.”

Interestingly, Newt always seems to veer towards these kinds of answers when in a rigorous debate with Leftists. In my assessment, he is an excellent triangulator.

Former Speaker Gingrich’s Progressivism is honestly among some of my lower tier concerns about him. He’s made a number of statements, again, when you listen often and closely, that make clear he is “on board” with “Trans-nationalism” as the current vernacular goes, or for the plain-spoken, globalism.

In considering how much rubbing of elbows has been taking place between yourself and Mr. Gingrich, I find myself quite puzzled.

It has occurred to me also that you have said many times that personal conduct is important, that character matters. I am wondering why this doesn’t apply to Mr. Gingrich?

I would like to believe that you are just too busy with your full schedule to have considered these points.

I hope I’m right about that.