Tax Freedom Tea Party Rally in Lincoln Scheduled for Saturday, April 11th

This email was sent out March 26 to all people who signed in at the March 15th rally or who contacted the address looking for more information.

Hello to all those interested in a Tea Party in Lincon!

Thank you for contacting me regarding the upcoming Tea Party event in Lincoln. I apologize for any delay in my response, but I have simply been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails, both regarding plans for an event here in Lincoln and through my work with other grassroots activists across the country. Many of us have been working together to develop resources for people who would like to hold their own events and have requested assistance in doing so.

Also, the week of March 9, I came in contact with a very nice father, John Grieser, and daughter, Angela Slack,  from just outside of the Lincoln area who had scheduled a rally in front of Sen. Ben Nelson’s office for Sunday, March 15, to protest against his vote and critical role in the passage of the Stimulus Bill Pres. Obama signed on Feb. 17. We had a very successful event with nearly 100 people in attendance. The number of attendees was a pleasant surprise considering the short amount of time available to publicize the event. You can see pictures from this rally by going to this page on my blog:

Nebraska Tea Party “Pork” Protest Photo Gallery

After considering all factors, including discussing the issue with a number of people here in Nebraska and many people across the country, I have scheduled the next event here in Lincoln for Saturday, April 11. A weekend event is more likely to allow more people to attend.

Here are the pertinent details:

Saturday, April 11
1:00 – 3:00 PM
The Capitol
1445 K St., Lincoln

Please bring cans of Pork & Beans to show your distaste with all of the out of control spending by politicians and to do some good. All collected canned goods will be donated to a local food pantry.

If you are on Facebook, you may have noticed an event created there. I discovered a couple of days ago that I had made a mistake on the date (it said March 9). Once the event is saved, there is no way to change it. Not only have I created an event with the correct information noted above, I have also created a group for this and future events and activities in the Lincoln area.

It would be helpful if you are on Facebook to RSVP (on the Event page), to give some idea of the number of possible attendees.
Links for Facebook:

Lincoln Tea Party Facebook Group

Lincoln Tax Freedom Tea Party Facebook Event

In addition to the Facebook group and event, I have created a blog specifically for the Lincoln area as well:

Lincoln Tea Party blog

Resources will continue to be added the blog, including ideas and graphics for slogans and signs. If you have come up with any design or slogan ideas of your own that you would like to share, please leave a comment on the blog under that post or email the address listed above.

Note the name of the event “Tax Freedom Tea Party”. There are events throughout the country on both April 11 & 15, many of which use the words “Tax Day”. There are folks who will be protesting in front of post offices during their Tea Parties. This event is not being held specifically on tax day, also, it seems to me, looking over the long term, making this rally a more action oriented event, focused on not just tax day, but on the many issues confronting us, may be more appropriate.

Let us all come together to show ourselves and our fellow citizens that we are not simply getting together out of the frustration of paying our taxes, we understand the problems and are interested in working together to do something about them.

So why are we having Tea Parties? An very sensible “Mission Statement” if you will, says it very clearly. I am very grateful to John Grieser for passing along the original thought, which I have only slightly “tweaked”:

“Our mission is to encourage public policy that promotes personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government, and free markets.In an effort to emulate the principles upon which the United States was founded, we think this mission is best fulfilled through efforts from the bottom up, not the top-down.”

I hope to have a number of elements, with the help of whoever would like to pitch in and help, available for us that provide many ideas of what we can be doing to turn the tide on the onslaught of overspending and the restrictive and intrusive laws that have been and currently are being debated by and voted on by the U.S Congress.

I have been working with the Tourism Supervisor and the Capitol State Police to ensure we will have a smooth event, regardless of the number of people who turn out. I will be sending out more detailed information in the next few days about the specific side of the Capitol where the event will be held, parking information, and the guidelines put forth by the Capitol Commission, which is the governing authority over an event such as the April 11th rally.

Meanwhile, there are a number of needs that could be met, volunteer positions that it would be very helpful to fill, and possibilities to make a program that could very exciting program if the resources are secured. If you would like to help in some way, please read the list below.

If / when adequate numbers of volunteers step forward, I will either schedule a meeting or a conference call to go over the work that needs to be done.

First, though, be sure to see the attachments to this message. I have included both a printable flyer and a business-sized card for your use should you desire to invite people to attend. Obviously, that is one of the best ways in which you can help.

Anyone who is “swifter” with and has better video editing skills and software superior to those which are immediately available to me, are heartily invited to make contact. I would like to see a couple of videos produced for promoting our event so we can “go viral” here.


  • Professional sound system with microphone stands

We had an adequate sound system for March 15 which could be used again, however, it was not equipped with microphone stands and may not provide adequate projection capabilities if there is a very large crowd in attendance.

  • Lectern or podium
  • Flag stands with bases.
  • Two 8′ tables, chairs
  • Patriotic decorations for tables
  • Clever patriotic themed large capacity container (size 3 – 5 gallon)

Volunteers Pre-Event

  • Spread the word! By whatever means at your disposal, pass along the information about the event. If you are on Facebook, invite your friends.  Send out emails. Are you a member of any online groups that would be interested? Please post the event there.
  • Use the printable flyers and business cards.
  • Offer to print a percentage of the quantity of material for Action packs.
  • Offer to purchase a 100 quantity of pocket Constitutions for $30
  • Assembling Action Packs
  • Purchasing a quantity of tea bags
  • Printing tea bag labels

Volunteers at the Event

  • Table workers (2 – 4) to direct people to sign-in sheets, hand out Action Packs
  • Watchers (# to be determined). Volunteer to monitor the crowd for any problems or those needing assistance and to contact event organizers in the event of a problem.
  • Interior Capitol monitors. The Capitol building will be open throughout the event and attendees will be able to move in and out, for instance, to use the restroom facilities. We need a few people, hopefully rotating in and out so they don’t miss the entire event, to keep an eye on movements of attendees into and outof the building.

“Wish List” – these items are not essential, but would make for an exciting event should they be found:

  • At least two large screen TVs (preferably a minimum of 32″)
  • Choir or other singing group
  • Revolutionary war re-enactors, preferably with speaking ability

After the Event

  • Stay behind and help ensure all equipment is torn down
  • Ensure any / all trash, etc. cleared from the site

How we can work together to defray costs:

  • Secure all needs through donations or lending of necessary items
  • Spread out expenses for printing, etc., through people volunteering to print “x” number of copies of any necessary paper items.

Policies regarding “sponsorships” and fundraising:

This event is for “We the People” of Nebraska. It has become a growing problem that various entities and organizations have attempted to “jump on the bandwagon” and “sponsor” Tea Party events across the country, or frankly, attempts to “hi-jack” the entire event. Almost without fail, these groups are highly focused on fund raising and what is known as “list building”.

These kinds of actions by these kinds of organizations have actually only helped to move us down the path we are currently traveling. If average Americans like us were unfettered in applying our common sense, joining and staying together in our efforts to unclench the very small circle of groups, politicians, and elitists who grasp at power, there is no telling what could be accomplished. In the past, grassroots efforts have been co-opted before, and where has it taken us?

I promise you that anytime you provide your contact information at an event which I am either assisting with or for which I am responsible, I will never share that information with anyone. It is only to be collected for the purposes of contacting you for future activities or to give you information that is relevant to the reason we first came in contact.

With that in mind, those of us who are working together to convene this April 11th event or any event in the future welcome the assistance of any group or individual whose goals are the same as those found in the “Mission Statement”.

Regardless of contribution by any group or individual, contact information will not be shared. The best way any entity can be of help is to pass the information regarding events on to their own memberships.

We will not seek to raise money and we will not advocate for any group who wishes to help with this endeavor who attempts to do so in relation to the event or activity.

We will not endorse candidates and these events will not serve as a venue for candidates to make their “stump speech”. That being said, any candidate interested in participating will not be dismissed out of hand. Let’s talk…do our goals align with yours?

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to help.

Thank you,

Shelli Dawdy




1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

The Capitol Building

1445 K St.,

Lincoln, NE

Please bring cans of Pork & Beans to be donated to a local food pantry.




2 thoughts on “Tax Freedom Tea Party Rally in Lincoln Scheduled for Saturday, April 11th”

  1. I plan on attending the Lincoln Tea party. Do you have any posters printed up to
    hang up, to spread the word. If you do , send me one and I will make my own
    copies and put them up in my area. Thanks
    Joe Boruch
    P.O. Box 41
    Duncan, Nebr. 68634

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