Will the Real Americans Please Stand Up?

emerymcclendonWritten by Emery McClendon, founder of ARMAD (Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day), member of the Constitutional Liberty Coalition, and blogger.

What are we to make of all the policies of the Obama Administration that are coming at us faster then a speeding bullet? Since the inauguration we are watching Socialist polices come out of Washington DC like lightening. We have witnessed attempts to raise our taxes, take over our healthcare system, a decline of support for our Military spending, an attempt to charge our Troops, and Veterans for healthcare, the take over of private business, the Value added tax, energy tax, universal healthcare; and now the appointment of a very liberal Supreme Court Justice to the Supreme Court. These are but a few things that our President and the liberal Congress have either proposed or placed into law under Executive Orders or through the passage of unread bills and the stimulus package.

Good conservative values based on the Bible are being tossed out of the window, and our President has told us that we are no longer a Christian nation. He is turning his back on our longtime allies, and degrading this nation in front of our enemies.

It has long been the goal of the socialist leaning left to destroy America “by any means necessary.” The term “by any means necessary” has a subtle meaning to the likes of Barack Obama and his friends. During the 60’s and 70’s militant groups used this language to express disgust with America and capitalism. Black militant groups used it to stir up disgust of Whites. The any means necessary meant just what it says. By “any means” which would work. Whether by violence, using false trust or what ever it takes to bring down “the man” and his system, America and capitalism.

They incorporated the phrase “if you can’t beat them join them” into the mix. Many of the radicals of the 60’s and 70’s have joined the system to take it down. Many hold elected office, and high positions in corporations. They now feel that it is “their time” to reshape America. Most of them feel the same as Jeremiah Wright, and Louis Farrakhan.

These radicals now hold positions in our federal government as well, and many have been appointed to cabinet level positions by Barack Obama to bid socialist policies into our society. They are taking over our government one branch at a time with out firing a shot. The true conservative has been labeled as terrorist, and extremist. We are also in jeopardy of losing our right to public assembly, and freedom of speech.

Let’s wake up and stand for freedom, and the Constitution. We must continue to fight for the truth, and to preserve the American way for our children. We must continue to attend conservative Tea Parties, and rallies that say no to more taxes, and a further erosion of our rule of law. We must vote the rascals out of office that do not support America, and stand up for our freedoms.

We cannot be led down a path that will doom us, and our children, by left wing radicals that want to force us into socialism, which by the way does not and never has worked. We cannot allow them to drive a wedge between us as Americans by using false claims of racism. We are all in this together, and we must work together to win.

They say that for America “the chickens are coming home to roost.” I say that America is still the greatest place on earth to live, and that we can continue to be great if we pay attention and defend our freedoms, and way of life as spelled out in the Constitution, and our Godly heritage.

America, stand up and be counted before it is too late. We have an opportunity to do so this Independence Day by voicing our opinion at patriotic rallies, and teaching our children the true meaning of our Constitutional liberties. Will you join in to save our nation?

2 thoughts on “Will the Real Americans Please Stand Up?”

  1. My taxes went down this year because of Obama. But I only make $150,000/year. I guess yours could have gone up if you’re over 1/4 million.

    1. What an utterly absurd thing to say!

      “My taxes went down this year because of Obama?”

      How on earth could that be, madam? Nothing Pres. Obama would have done to date would result in fiscal year 2009 taxation to go down. Your total ignorance and silliness is on display for all the world.

      Are you referencing some kind of rebate as a result of Stimulus? That couldn’t be, because only very low income earners received checks in the recent round of handouts. Further, the truth is, when anyone who did receive those checks goes to file their tax returns for 2009, the amount of earned income credit they receive will be reduced by the amount they received. In other words, it was a pre-bate.

      Please sell your class warfare somewhere else! This ridiculous notion Leftists have that only the “rich” care about levels of taxation, bailouts, regulation, and all of the Fascist nonsense that’s been coming at us for years is just evidence of ignorance.

      Notice that I said “for years”. That means under both political parties.

      Before you leave comments, it would be nice if you 1) Understood how taxation works 2) Told the truth

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