Your Time is a Real Treasure – So Don't Waste It!

A must read for any Constitutional grassroots activist. Sandra Crosnoe, long time activist and connector of dots, advises based on long experience, how to choose what we do with our time wisely.

Our time is precious, we should use it as effectively as possible.

Click the picture to read the article
Click the picture to read the article

One thought on “Your Time is a Real Treasure – So Don't Waste It!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the post about your time – or Volunteering 101. I just wanted to publicly thank you for the gift of your time to grassroots efforts in Nebraska and here on one of the best web sites in America. You have blessed me personally and so many publicly with your commitment to Truth and high standards as well.

    May the Lord bless the efforts He has called you to in ways beyond our comprehension for all eternity!

    Pleased to serve with you for Life and Liberty,

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